In the Mood of Colours

A Tribute to Chalk


Through discovering the Fabric, somehow I was connected to Jean Michel Basquiat. I think the character of chalk reminds me of the early roots of Graffiti when Graffiti still didn’t exist in the form that it does exist in today.

It also reminds me of Street Games in big cities such with huge Apartement Blocks. Where Kids from different cultures came together to play games like stickball or hopscotch just to have a nice time in their Bario.

A time in which a childhood dreams could be shaped by just a piece of chalk, a time where busy streets were  transformed into backyards by simple lines, squares and circles drawn on to the tarmac.

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Love saves the day !



Martha Cooper

Raymond Depardon

Wall in my Studio

Collage Hip Bag "Chalk"

Hip Bag "Chalk"




Pictures :

left : Martha Cooper / boy drawing owl with chalk on street

right : Raymond Depardon : New York City. Harlem District

Others: Wall of my Studio, Collage of Hip Bag,  Hip Bag „Chalk“












Daniela Wilhelm