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A Tribute to Chalk

Through discovering the Fabric, somehow I was connected to Jean Michel Basquiat. I think the character of chalk reminds me of the early roots of Graffiti when Graffiti still didn’t exist in the form that it does exist in today.

It also reminds me of Street Games in big cities such with huge Apartement Blocks. Where Kids from different cultures came together to play games like stickball or hopscotch just to have a nice time in their Bario.

A time in which a childhood dreams could be shaped by just a piece of chalk, a time where busy streets were transformed into backyards by simple lines, squares and circles drawn on to the tarmac.

Back to the Playground.

Love saves the day !

Martha Cooper

Raymond Depardon

Wall in my Studio

Collage Hip Bag "Chalk"

Hip Bag "Chalk"

Pictures :

left : Martha Cooper / boy drawing owl with chalk on street

right : Raymond Depardon : New York City. Harlem District

Others: Wall of my Studio, Collage of Hip Bag, Hip Bag „Chalk“



You can BE ANIE thing

We named it Glambag

…everywhere you go, always take a Glam with you !

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Girls just wanna have Fun Part 2

… all night long .

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Girls just wanna have Fun Part 1

Our favorite Items like to come in touch with the glittering Croco-Sponge Bag from Dans la Rue.

Of course no Crocodile had to die for it. Stay calm !

Culturebag2 Kopie

Culturebag2 Kopie


Shooting by Fizzy Magazine





Denim Weekender

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Groovy December

Starting with groovy Sounds in the last Month of 2015

Each day of December we´ll drop a fresh Sound for you.


Music gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind,

Flight to the Imagination, and Life to Everything.

Hope you enjoy,

here we go:

Rest in Peace Mr. Reid

31# Solaris – You and Me


30# Diana Ross – Mirror Mirror


#29 Sharon Brown . I Specialize In Love (12“ Mix)


#28 Oonops Drops – Roller Boo

#27 Dick Diver -Year ion Pictures

#26 Aaron neville – Hercules


#25 LCD Soundsystem – Christmas will break your heart


#24 Grandmaster Flash & Kurtis Blow Christmas Rapping


#23 Federico Albanese


#22 Reality – War


#21 Camera Obscura – This is Love


#20 Kaso – one more Round


#19 Sleaford Mods – Bronx in a Six



#18 Michael Jackson, James Brown and Prince on stage (1983 )


The Weird World of Blowfly

This unflinching biopic follows the 69-year-old funk machine as he mounts a comeback tour. While such disciples as Ice-T and Chuck D. discuss Reid’s influence,

the film also captures Blowfly in action, whether on the road with his drummer or talking it up at home with his live-in mom“

Clarence Henry Reid is an american producer and songwriter.

He produced artists like Betty Wright, Sam&Dave, Gwen McCrae and many more.

He has such a melodic heavy funky style, that it´s not easy to keep standing still.

In „Blowfly’s Rapp“ appears the significant sample of Gwen McCrae´s „Funky Sensation“, as you can hear.

Once in a while Reids‘ funky melody blurs his truly dirty and sexually explicit lyrics. Concerning his songs, my feelings are between love and hate.

Though he is a talented, groovy and kind of insane guy indeed, often i don´t know how to handle his texts.

I was not sure if he is a sexist or only a parodist but it seems that Blowfly was just an Art project.

Blowfly with his Mask doesn’t give a shit for what people are thinking about him, and he enjoys to provoke.

At the End Clarence seems to be an authentic being and his Influence in development of the Miami-Soul History is totally important.

You can watch the movie here

#17 Blowfly- Blowfly´s Rapp

#16 B. AaronAhrends Newborn Forgotten Birds Remix Master


#15 M.Rux – Daydream (edit)



#14 Wildfire -Try making Love


#13 Lijadu Sisters – Life´s gone down low



#12 RSS Disco – White Bird


#11 Dj Vadim – The Terrorist (D&S x B.B.King Remix)


#10 Pigmeat Markham – Here Comes The Judge (1968)


Pigmeat Markham he´s one of the early Rapper



When I couldn’t find any sleep last night, i found this:

I discovered another one „Rappers Delight“ but this one seems to be more authentic.

„…Look over the shoulder of true Hip Hop pioneers as they share some food for the soul. This collection offers a personal glimpse into the lives and kitchens of some of the most extraordinary artists from all four Hip Hop elements—MCing, breaking, graffiti writing and DJing. Accompanying the artists’ favorite recipes are short stories, biographies and photos from the past and present…“


Author: Cutmaster GB
English Edition
From here to Fame Publishing

When I flicked through some Pages, I noticed that one of the Artists is sharing the same place of birth with me, Bielefeld…

He already born there in 1968 and moved 1976 to France.

Darco FBI. With Neon and Camnoz he established the legendary Crew FBI (Faboulus Bomb Inability), which became one of the most recognized graffiti artist collectives.

’89 in France he was the first Graffitiartist who was sentenced.

The judgment: To perpetuate himself on the walls of the French Traincompany SNCF.

crime demands just punishment;)

From Here To Fame Publishing

#9 Ian Matthews – Man in the Station (Shredit)


#8 Delegation – Oh honey

 Jamel Shabazz












Disco to go … go Bang !

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#7 Eddie Hooper – Nosey People

Boombox XXL




I´m totally in love with this giant Boombox. Unfortunately my apartment is

too small ..

You can find, buy or borrow at Hanseatische Materialverwaltung .

There they realized a sustainable concept, which provides filmmakers a cheap Stage Set.

Check it out! It´s also possible to support this Concept with a Donation.

#6 Prefab Sprout – Bonny

Prefab Sprout – Bonny


Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 14.22.05



#5 Stevie Wonder “ People Make The World Go Round “ (The Stylistics)


#4 Steps Ahead – Radio Active



#3 Oddisee – I know who you are


#2 Rudy Norman – Back to the Streets


#1 Angelo Tinsley – Get Down with it



Biz Markie-Cherry Cola
Biz Markie-Turn The Party Out Paul Nice-Rmx


take a walk on the wild side

… don't stop


Jamel Shabazz Back in the days

Jamal Shabazz

 Jamel Shabazz




Essential Reading: „Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979“ | mo‘ fidelity


Essential Reading: “Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979″

Article by On July 7, 2014


David Mancuso Audiophile Part 1